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* * * * * * * Welcome to the "Official" NYC Private Party Group website. We are a 21 and over Swingers Party Group established 12 years ago in 2005. We hold announced, monthly Parties (as well as unannounced, by "Invitation Only" small get-togethers). To attend our latest, Upcoming Gangbang, please fill out "The NYC Private Party Guestlist Form" completely by signing up below with your email address, your cellphone number and by attaching a "required", G-Rated, clear, face photo also, in order to be placed on our "Guestlist" for this exciting, "not to be missed" Swingers Party. We will contact you soon via our partystaffer2@mail.com email address, so look for "E-Mail #1 (which contains the Party Info, location, contact number and password of our Swingers Party)", one week before the actual date of NYCPrivateParty.com's "(Pornstar) Selah Rain's" Sat, Feb 3rd, NYC Private ("Gangbang") Party at 7:00PM in celebration of her "Debut", which is a part of our "Gangbang" Series. * * * * * * *
1) By clicking on the "Yes" button, I certify I'm over 21 years of age. I certify I'm representing myself honestly and acknowledge this is an adults only website and Swingers Party Group. I am aware NYC Private Parties are not a "Sneek a Peek" expirience, there are no refunds and respectful behavior is always expected from all guests attending NYCPrivateParty.com's "(Pornstar) Selah Rain's" Saturday, Feb 3rd, NYC Private (“Gangbang") Party at 7:00PM, and I will check my "Spam/Bulk" Folder also. Yes
2) In attending NYCPrivateParty.com's "(Pornstar) Selah Rain's" Saturday, Feb 3rd, NYC Private (“Gangbang") Party at 7:00PM. I agree to follow the "Rules" by behaving respectfully, during the event. I will be respectful of the Female members and of my fellow members also, so I can be invited once again. I acknowledge that I have read each question in this "Guestlist Form" also. I also realize that "(Pornstar) Selah Rain" has requested this Gangbang Party for herself in being "The Center of Attention". Yes
3) I understand the Party starts at 7:00PM and do understand there is no alcohol, smoking, or drugs allowed in our Parties also and there are no exceptions? Yes
4) I will not bring alcohol to this "Non-Alcohol Based" Party (because alcohol is not allowed at this Party). Yes
5) I understand there are to be no cellphone issues arising when I come to the Party, meaning all cellphones are not to be recharged, and are to remain turned off "before", "during" and/or "after" the Party has ended. Yes
6) Did you visit our new info website located at https://www.nycprivateparty.info ? Yes
7) I will behave and will be respectful of my fellow Party Group members in attendance. Yes
8) Which specific website did you hear of our Party at? Official website
Info website
Newsletter website
Blog website
Groupsite website
Pinterest website
Youtube website
9) What is your name and are you of a White, African American, Latino, or of which descent?
10) What is your current age?
11) What do you do, jobwise?
12) What is your yahoo, gmail, or hotmail email address to send you the Party's info?
13) Yes, I will mention my email address to you, when I arrive at the "(Pornstar) Sasha" Gangbang Party. Yes
14) What is your cellphone number (to discreetly text you the party's room number)?
15) How many years have you been in the Swinger's lifestyle?
16) Are you a member of SLS.com, or SDC.com and what is your screename on that website?
17) Have you attended a Swinger's Party before and what was the "name" of the Swingers Party Group, which held the Party you attended before?
18) How did you hear of the NYC Private Party Group?
19) Are you coming from NYC, NJ, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, or from which state to the Party?
20) Are you the moderator of another Swinger's Party Group and what is the name of it?
21) Required upload of your respecful, small sized "G Rated" jpg format, clear face photo(s) of yourself, or yourselves as a couple, which we ask of everyone attending. Please be aware that attaching your photo(s) with this NYC Private Party "Guestlist Form" is a "requirement", in order to attend NYCPrivateParty.com's "(Pornstar) Selah Rain's" Saturday, Feb 3rd, NYC Private (“Gangbang") Party at 7:00PM.
* * * * * * * "Thank You" for filling out the NYC Private Party Website "Guestlist Form" with your G-Rated, clear, face photo attached and for your unwavering support of our "friendship based" Swingers Party Group with your VIP Membership. It is nice to have you as a NYCPP Group Member in "Good Standing". Let us know if you did not receive the NYCPP Group's "Nov Special Announcement" email, so we can email it to you asap and welcome to our "Circle of Friends". We look forward to seeing our old friends and in making new friends at the upcoming Party. We will send you the Party info via our partystaffer2@mail.com email address in a timely email entitled "E-Mail #1 (which contains the Party Info)" in the email's subject matter, one week before the actual date of our "not to be missed" Swingers Party, as "(Pornstar) Selah Rain" debuts on this very special night, as we celebrate her "Return" among friends on Saturday, Feb 3rd for her "Gangbang" …..in fulfilling a Gangbang fantasy of hers in wanting to be “The Center of Attention”. Be sure to check your spam folder also, in case "E-Mail #1" winds up in there. * * * * * * *

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* * * * * Sign up in our "Guestlist Form" for "(Pornstar) Selah Rain's" Saturday, Feb 3rd, NYC Private (“Gangbang") Party at 7:00PM. * * * * *

* * * The Countdown begins. The Sat, Feb 3rd Gangbang Party at 7:00PM is in: * * * 

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